Design futures → in, with, and for, nature


A strategy studio inspired by and in service to nature. We catalyse change by centring nature, care and collaboration by design.


Workshops and Immersive learning experiences to reconnect with, and learn from, the intelligence of nature.

WHY GET LOST?The map we have inherited leads to the continued destruction of our home planet.To find new paths forward together we must first Get Lost:→ rejecting the ideas that got us here→ showing humility in the face of multiple human made crises→ healing our connection with nature→ navigating uncertainty and finding hope within fear and mystery→ looking to the edges for new answersGet Lost exists to create spaces where we can come together to find our way forward: imagining and creating myriad new paths and possibilities.

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WHO IS GET LOST?Get Lost is led by me, Julian Ellerby, a futures focussed, design-led, nature-inspired, strategist. For 12 years, I have been helping businesses understand, imagine and create futures.Faced with ecological crises, I have grappled with how I can contribute and best live within this reality. I believe that human disconnection, from nature, each other and ourselves, is at the root of these issues.For several years I have been on an enquiry to understand how might reconnect and live how nature works: deepening my connection and learning how to create and hold spaces for others to do the same.I am now driven to work with others to harness the power of imagination and design, inspired by the wisdom of nature. Get Lost brings these paths together.
Previous agencies and clients include Adidas, &us, Arcaea, Avery Dennison, Dutch Invertuals, Faber Futures, Google. HP, Nike, Pernod Ricard, Polaroid Originals, Samsung, Tarkett, Uniqlo, VF Corporation.

GET LOST STUDIOA strategy studio inspired by and in service to nature.We catalyse change by centring nature, care and collaboration in design and innovation.Our work can take you different directions:

1. INNOVATEIdentifying opportunities and developing innovative new brands, products and services through processes designed for empathy and experimentation.

2. INSIGHTMaking sense of the complex changing context of your company and customers. Connecting dots between trends, ethnography, market analysis and expert perspectives to inform decision making.

3. IMAGINEGuiding teams to imagine and understand possible futures in purposeful and playful ways that build confidence to navigate change and create preferable futures.

4. CREATEGuiding teams to communicate their visions and stories as content and experiences. Embedded in, or building, multi-disciplinary teams to develop crafted creative outcomes.